About John Pelts

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More than twenty years’ experience in Sales Coordinator / Customer Relationship Management (CRM), along with extensive experience in marketing and sales support in fast-paced B2B and B2C environments supporting the largest customer alliances.

Core competencies include:

Strong organizational skills Effective communication skills, written and oral
Team Player with a “can do” mindset Excellent computer software skills (MS Office)
Multi task in a fast paced environment Sense of urgency
Customer focused approach Strong analytical skills
Administrative capabilities Superior problem solving abilities

Prinz Ltd., Northbrook, IL

Wholesale distributor of wood and silver plate frames, photo albums and acrylic frames

Sales Coordinator

  • Supported the Vice President of Giftware Sales, working closely with Sales Representatives in the development and execution of a tactical sales strategies that created profitable growth across the full range of products
  • Communicated with reps on order status, pricing, investigation and resolution of account issues
  • Forecasted sales both positive and negative to identify trends to capitalize on proactive selling solutions
  • Developed tracking process to ensure business deadlines and sales requirements were being met
  • Orchestrated related sales meetings and helped manage the process (prepared agendas, sales reviews)
  • Served as point of contact for specific customers; built and maintained solid relationships with retail customers (buyers, merchandise managers, VP of Merchandising) at Wal-Mart, Target, and the Bon-Ton Stores (Carson’s)
  • Provided customer service excellence through consistent application of defined customer service practices; anticipated and resolved issues and problems
  • Submitted presentations, proposals, internal costing sheets for newly targeted accounts
  • Worked with VP on the development of marketing plans/programs recommendations for key accounts, including brand strategies, value added programs, promotions, point of sale materials, new product needs, and new sku’s; helped carryout annual programs (advertising, discounts, freight allow, damages etc.) for key accounts
  • Created sales bulletins and distributed to all sales representatives, showroom managers, and rep principals as well as new rep packets for each new sales rep; generated an internal sales history report in Excel about each sales agency on a monthly basis as well as generated a customer list sales history report upon request for each sales agency
  • Ensured showrooms (Chicago, Atlanta, and Dallas) had current Prinz products on hand for displays, including “trade show” special products
  • Participated in trades shows throughout the country; distributed and followed up on trade show leads to sales reps
  • Maintained accurate records of all pricing, sales, and activity reports submitted by the sales team; ran open order reports to manage account activity; tracked unconfirmed orders; communicated tracking of all shipments; monitored and reported to Account Executives on shipping status

Letter of recommendation

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John Pelts Childhood Experienece With Basketball

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John Pelts BasketballWhile John Pelts has become a confidant and a persistent individual, he didn’t have things come easily to him. If the soccer had instilled in him a puritan work ethic and Tennis allowed him to expand his network of friends, Basketball made him socially confidant and persistent.  The game would have a big influence on his personal development at age seven.


While he had a strong bond with his father, he had had a difficult time making friends at school due to his poor social skills. Most of the time, John Pelts would spend his recess hours alone. Consequently, other students would bully him. They would tell him no one would ever want to be friends with him. Every day, John Pelts would dread going to school. Consequently, he would return home with a sense of melancholy on his face.He would share his different experiences of bullying with his mother. Heartbroken, his mother would help him join a basketball team that would change his life.


Even though John Pelts had no particular interest in Basketball, his mother pressured him to join the team at his neighborhood club. She thought if he would join a team sports, it would help him with his social skills, thus becoming a more confident person. Initially, things didn’t go so well for John Pelts. While he’s quick, his inability to quickly read the opponent’s moves would upset the coach and his teammates. Despite the setback, his mother would push him to continue and stand up for himself.

Persistence pays off:

In order to improve his defensive skills, John Pelts would constantly speak with the coach on how to better read defensive plays. They would talk about what he could’ve done better in the previous match. Thus, it would improve his conversational skills in the process. Eventually, his persistence paid off. During a tight match, with the opposing team in possession of the ball, John Pelts was able to read the next offensive move to steal the ball and score the game winning basket. Persistence does payoff indeed.

In conclusion, John Pelt’s painful childhood experience was a blessing in disguise. If it weren’t for it, he wouldn’t become the socially confident and persistent individual that he’s become.

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John Pelts First Involvement with Sports

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Soccer, John Pelts First SportBefore getting involved with Tennis, John Pelts first love was soccer when he’s five. His father’s passion for the game had a contagious effect on him. In a sense, the game would be used as means to further the father and son relationship.

Father’s love for the game:

John Pelts father’s love for the game goes back to his high school days. He would play soccer during recess and Physical Education class. Since his father loved sharing the ball, he would play midfield. In that way, he would have a better view of the field to pass the ball to one of his wide-open teammates. It’s passion he would carry on to his son.

John Pelts likes to be in charge:

While his father liked to share the ball, John Pelts preferred Goalkeeping to playing midfield. He liked the idea of being the last line of defense before the ball went into the net. He embraced taking that huge burden on his shoulders. Therefore, he would go to his neighborhood club with his father to practice. There, his father would kick one ball after the other in an effort to improve his goalkeeping skills. His father would give him tips on how to dive using the correct technique. Furthermore, John Pelts would spend hours at home analyzing the techniques of his favorite goalkeeper, Peter Schmeichel. The great Dane, was one the best goalkeepers of the 90s. Therefore, to be the best John Pelts had to learn from the best.


Having analyzed the moves of his favorite goalkeeper, John Pelt’s team would be become a force to reckon with during school soccer tournaments.  He was the opposing team’s worst nightmare. They would describe him as a wall, he would save every ball. Consequently, he would win the best goalkeeper award in the tournament.

In conclusion, soccer has instilled a work ethic within him and the desire to take on responsibility. These two admirable traits have allowed him to rise within the ranks at his jewelry job. Thus, soccer has influenced him as positively as Tennis.

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John Pelts: Tennis is One of My Life’s Passions

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Tennis John PeltsJohn Pelts has been playing Tennis since he was eight. His passion for the game started while watching his favorite tennis players on television. Call it a love at first sight, from that point on, he would start playing tennis.

Father Influence:

John Pelts would spend hours practicing on the clay courts with his father by his side. His father would demand obedience to his coach and sometimes tell where he would make his mistakes. However, he would also point out his positive attributes as well. But most importantly, he would tell him to enjoy playing the game and not consider it as a task. Without passion, it’s pointless to do anything in life.

Social Skills:

Having an outgoing personality, John Pelts prefers playing doubles to singles. He enjoys communicating with his partners to come up with the best strategy to win a match. Also, it helps him deal with crisis situations. There are times when his partner may not be playing his best tennis, it’s up to him how he reacts to the situation. Whether he’s going to start arguing with him or give words of encouragement and tips to improve his partner’s performance. Last but not least, it helps him with trusting others. Since he’s part of a team, he needs to have full confidence in his partner. These are skills that we all need to succeed in this world. Without problem solving skills and trust, it would become more difficult to develop relationships with others and succeed in life.

In conclusion, tennis is a great way for John Pelts to deal with stress. Unlike other people who smoke, tennis allows him to remain sharp mentally and physically. Also, it has allowed him develop a customer base that has helped his jewelry career.  Thus, tennis has influenced John Pelts positively.

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My Outdoor Hobbies

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John Pelts enjoys hiking and has been to Alaska, Colorado, Utah, Montana, California, Hawaii, Arizona and Banff, devils-lake-by-john-pelts

Canada. I have explored all the great national parks and other off the beaten path hiking spots.

There is no greater thrill then reaching the summit of a challenging mountain. Hiking is a very spiritual experience for me that is all about becoming in touch with nature.  I also support the Sierra Club and appreciate all that they have done to help preserve nature.

Here are a few of the photographs I have taken along my journeys.

Hiking Links:

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I have become extremely passionate for the medium of collage, which I view as offering endless possibilities. I am convinced that my collages can become “immortal” by being passed down from generation to generation. Thus, it is important for me to preserve wonderful memories in my collages while achieving a lasting impression that is intellectually stimulating.

History is an important insight into my present life and has taught me many lessons. I use past items in my collages to help triumph over current obstacles, which has been tremendously therapeutic to me. However, the historical significance of my collages is unimportant if the end product does not create an interesting collage that challenges the mind and can stand on its own. Thus, my collages have a complex interplay amongst various facets. Some of my items in my collages are whimsical as well as symbolic but add to the aesthetic beauty of the piece. At the end of a project, if I generate a sense of wonder and curiosity that has personal meaning than I have succeeded in my work.

In addition to making personal collages, I custom make collages for people who are having a special occasion or for people who want to own an extraordinary collage.

John Pelts works in consultation with you by finding out your interests, history and any other relevant information to make a collage that will evoke a meaningful emotional response.

I use your photographs, personal collectible items and anything else that you would potentially want in your collage. In addition, I acquire rare items that will compliment the piece. The goal of the collage is to preserve your wonderful memories.

Thank you,

John Pelts

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John Pelts is offering an exciting opportunity for any collector to own authentic and extremely rare Japanese tsuba.

rare-japanese-tsubaThe Japanese tsuba, or sword guards, protects the hand when holding a sword by shielding it against a blow from an opponent’s blade and secondly by preventing the hand from slipping onto the razor sharp edge of the weapon. The tsuba was an important component of the Japanese sword which represented the symbol and soul of the samurai. The Japanese swords tsuba reflects the complexities of samurai life from codes of honor to flamboyant leisure. A tsuba usually has patterns or designs on both sides. The front side is usually more decorative and can have a mei (signature) from the artist on the seppa dai (area around the nakago ana). The front side of the tsuba faces toward the hilt of the blade. There are many people who collect tsuba because of the intricate and gorgeous metal craftsmanship displayed in their construction.

Our two shibuichi (gray colored copper-silver alloy) tsuba each with gold inlay were made in the 19th century, during the late Edo period (1603-1868) in Japanese history. The Tokugawa clan ruled all of Japan from their capital in Edo, or present day Tokyo, for more than 250 years. This period was marked by a rigid class system and incredible craftsmanship of samurai sword fittings. The Edo period was a time when the swordsmiths flourished in their trade. In the post Edo period after 1868, the prestige of the samurai came to an end as swords could no longer be worn and the great swordsmiths of the Edo period lost their trade. The incredible workmanship of Japanese tsuba from the Edo period culminated into articles of fine art that have significant intrinsic value in today’s marketplace.

To this very day, original tsuba remains among the most sophisticated and accomplished metalwork ever created and are true pieces of fine art. The tsuba reveals wonders of self-expression, beauty, charm and personal styles far beyond its practical use. In ancient times the Japanese believed that anything offered to the gods had to possess three qualities: purity, rarity and value. I believe my authentic tsuba for sale on www.samuraitsuba.com have those very traits.

Thank you,

John Pelts

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My Past Work History

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John Pelts was an accomplished business professional at A.M. Cohen Co, which is a wholesale jewelry firm since 1908. John had a high level of expertise in customer service, sales and operations. I was able to communicate effectively with customers to deliver excellent customer service. John Pelts is known for integrity, honesty, energy and being a team player. I have superior ability to quickly gain expertise in new product lines. My computer skills include Microsoft Windows XP, QuickBooks, Word, Excel and Adobe Photoshop.
John Pelts initiated and cultivated a customer base by providing the best possible customer service with exceptional value. John Pelts also reviewed accounts receivable and effectively followed-up with necessary phone or email contact resulting in paid accounts. Additionally, I oversaw custom jewelry design for clients while paying great attention to detail, cost and quality resulting in many successful customer orders. I worked with designers and jewelry manufacturers, effectively developing jewelry designs and communicating concepts to the trade thus making it possible to execute customer orders in a timely manner. I was also responsible for filling orders for loose diamonds and jewelry.

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John Pelts Education

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John Pelts graduated in 1992 from American University with a BA in Political Science.
During this time I interned for Senator Alan Dixon. My main responsibility was responding to constituent concerns. I earned 6 credits for this internship and an excellent recommendation.

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Welcome to John Pelts .com

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Welcome to my personal blog about the life and times of John Pelts

I have many hobbies that I love such as hiking, tennis, running marathons, creating collages, and,  collecting Japanese sword guards called tsuba.

My plans are to use this blog as a creative outlet to share some of these interests with the rest of the world.

WordPress is a pretty cool content management system so with a little help I bet this blog of mine will go far.

I hope you enjoy your stay, feel free to bookmark any of my posts for future reference.

Thank You

John Pelts

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